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Shelters for Boer Meat Goats

Some commercial meat goat producers in our area do not provide shelters for their goats, letting them find shelter in cedar thickets or under rock ledges. Goats will do better and require less feed if they have shelter from rain, wind, and snow in winter. Five square feet of floor space per goat is adequate for housing. We prefere to have twenty square feet per doe if they are giving birth (kidding) in a barn in winter, but they can kid outside in April or May in our climate.

Plans for all types of barns, sheds, and farm out buildings can be purchased online, from or from Barnes & Noble:



shelter for boer meat goats                   Shelter for Boer Bucks

Cattle panels with tarps stretched over them make shelters that are quick and easy to erect. Portable polyvinyl calf hutches work well for small groups of goats. The ones pictured above are used for bucks.

Moving in a New Barn for Boer Meat Goats  New Barn for Boer Meat Goats

When the Yellville Summit School district needed to get rid of an old metal building that was in the way of a new addition Ken and Candy were able to get it moved to their farm, for a meat goat barn, at a very reasonable cost.

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We are located in north central Arkansas, twenty miles south of Missouri.

Ralph is four miles south of Yellville, Arkansas, on Highway 14.
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