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 Meat Goat Breeds - The Genetic Improvement of Goats for Meat Production.

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Except for San Clemente Island goats and Arapawa goats, the breeds of meat goats found in the United States today are of very recent origin. The Boer and Savanna breeds are probably the oldest of the commonly used meat goat breeds found in the United States. It takes time to make genetic improvement in livestock. For this reason there is much variation between individual goats within the various breeds of meat goats. There is very important genetic material in each of the meat goat breeds. Each breed can and needs to contribute to the genetic base of our commercial meat goat herd. The following article, by Ken, includes detailed information on all of the meat goat breeds available in the United States:

 "Meat Goat Breeds" -  This article includes the following topics:
Breeds of meat goats available in the United States
What is a Meat Goat Breed?
 Spanish Goats
Boer Goats
Kiko Goats
Savanna Goats
Myotonic Goats
Pygmy Goats
Can Feral (wild) Goats Be Used to Improve Hardiness
San Clemente Island Goats
Arapawa Goats

          Savanna Meat Goat             Spanish Meat Goats            Spanish Meat Goats

.              Savanna Meat Goat            Spanish Meat Goats        Spanish Meat Goats 
          photo courtesy of MJ Ironwater Acres

     Kiko Buck    Savanna Meat Goat Kids   Savanna Meat Goats

  Kiko Meat Goat                         Savanna  Meat  Goat  Kids

   photos courtesy of MJ Ironwater Acres

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