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Helpful Information on Boer Goats and Meat Goats

From Our Experience:

In this web site are articles with helpful information on raising meat goats. These articles are based on 46 years of experience raising goats in northern Arkansas. Keep in mind that the goal is to produce quality breeding stock for the commercial meat goat industry. For that reason we raise our goats under conditions similar to those in a commercial meat goat operation. These articles include information that can not be found in other publications on raising meat goats.

Ken has submitted an artical, "Is Raizing Meat Goats for You?", to Hub Pages. This article includes the following topics:

How bright is the Future for Meat Goat Production?
Getting Started in Meat Goat Production
Shelters for Meat Goats
Purchasing a Foundation Meat Goat Herd

Selling Meat Goats

Hoof Trimming:

Hoof trimming is a very time consuming job and time is worth money. The commercial meat goat producer who has 300 to 1,000 goats running on 600 to 2,000 acres can not trim hoofs. We know producers in this area that have that many meat goats.

Some goats need to have their hoofs trimmed every two to three months, others never need them trimmed. After we had been breeding full blood Boer goats for about six years and had built our herd from a foundation of seven does to about twenty five does, we noticed that we had six does that needed to have their hoofs trimmed every three months. After we examined the pedigrees of these six does carefully we found out that one was one of our foundation does and the other five were daughters and granddaughters of that one doe. Needless to say we culled those six does and a few others since them.

None of the does in our present herd (except for three of my grand children's show goats) have ever had their hoofs trimmed. Our does run on ten acres of steep Ozark Mountain pasture that has lots of limestone out-croppings. Show goats, which are confined to small pens and are fed high power rations, need to have their hoofs trimmed often. Pictured below are Ozark Mountain automatic hoof trimmers.

Boer Meat Goats on Out Cropping Lime Stone         Boer Meat Goats on Out Cropping Lime Stone

The American Boer Goat Association web site has a good article on how to trim hoofs (

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We are located in north central Arkansas, twenty miles south of Missouri.

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