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Ken and Candy Ziemer

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Helpful Information on Boer Goats and Meat Goats

From Our Experience:

In this web site are articles with helpful information on raising meat goats. These articles are based on 46 years of experience raising goats in northern Arkansas. Keep in mind that the goal is to produce quality breeding stock for the commercial meat goat industry. For that reason we raise our goats under conditions similar to those in a commercial meat goat operation. These articles include information that can not be found in other publications on raising meat goats.

Ken has published the following articals:
"Is Raizing Meat Goats for You?". This article includes the following topics:
How bright is the Future for Meat Goat Production?
Getting Started in Meat Goat Production
Shelters for Meat Goats
Purchasing a Foundation Meat Goat Herd

Selling Meat Goats

   "Raising Meat Goats - Obstacles to Success". This article includes the following topics:
Three Challenges for Meat Goat Producers
Fencing for Meat Goats
Electric Fencing for Meat Goats
Controlling Predators
Controlling Internal Parasites
Forages that Help Control Internal Parasites in Goats
Worming Meat Goats
Selecting for Parasite Resistance

 "Meat Goat Breeds" -  This article includes the following topics:
Breeds of meat goats available in the United States

What is a Meat Goat Breed?
 Spanish Goats
Boer Goats
Kiko Goats
Savanna Goats
Myotonic Goats

Pygmy Goats

Can Feral (wild) Goats Be Used to Improve Hardiness
San Clemente Island Goats

Arapawa Goats

 "Breeding Meat Goats" -  This article includes the following topics:
Boer Meat Goats Can Be Hardier Than Other Breeds!
The Importance of Culling
Vaccinating Goats
Trimming Hoofs on Goats

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We are located in north central Arkansas, twenty miles south of Missouri.

Ralph is four miles south of Yellville, Arkansas, on Highway 14.
We are two miles west of Ralph on County Road 5040.
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Boer Meat Goats