Critter Ridge

Hardy Boer Meat Goats for Sale

Ken and Candy Ziemer

1656 MC 5040 Yellville,Arkansas 72687

(870) 449-6789


Boer Does
We have sold all of our full blood Boer does. We have some non-registered Boer does, pictured above, that we use to control weeds and sprouts in our pastures. They have been selected for hardiness and resistance to internal parasites. They were bred to our full blood buck, WNDY Spot, to kid in March.

We have sold all of the goats that we plan to sell in 2014.
We will have more goats to sell in the summer of 2015.

See the About Us page for other breeders who might have full blood Critter Ridge stock for sale.

In articals published on HUB Pages we offer comprehensive information on buying, raising, breeding, and selling Boer goats and other breeds of meat goats. This information comes from many years of experience raising goats and networking with other goat producers in Arkansas and Missouri.

Come Visit Us and See Our Herd

We are located in north central Arkansas, twenty miles south of Missouri.

Ralph is four miles south of Yellville, Arkansas, on Highway 14.
We are two miles west of Ralph on County Road 5040.

(870) 449-6789.

Boer Meat Goats