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Hardy Boer Meat Goats

Feeding Boer Goats and Meat Goats

The most economical way to feed Boer goats and other meat goats is to provide plenty of high quality pasture, feeding purchased feed only during winter and droughts when pastures are short. Proper feeding is important for keeping goats healthy and productive. Ken has published the following article on feeding meat goats:

"Feeding Meat Goats" - This article includes the following topics:
Basic Nutrition for Meat Goats
Minerals for Meat goats
Feeding Acorns to Meat Goats
Feeders for Meat goats

Feeder 1 for Boer Meat Goats           Feeder 2 for Boer Meat Goats

Feeder 3 for Boer Meat Goats         feeder 4 for Boer Meat Goats

Feeders and water tanks should be constructed so goats can not paw their feed or contaminate it with goat manuer.

An Inexpensive Creep Feeder for Boer Meat Goats

Inexpensive creep feeders can be made from cattle pannels

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