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Ken and Candy Ziemer

1656 MC 5040 Yellville,Arkansas 72687

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Boer Meat Goats on Fesque and White Clover Pasture

Raising Goats Since 1962

Breeding Hardy Boer Goats Since 1999

In our website and in articals published on HUB Pages we offer comprehensive information on buying, raising, breeding, and selling Boer goats and other breeds of meat goats. This information comes from many years of experience raising goats and networking with other goat producers in Arkansas and Missouri.

We are breeding Boer goats for hardiness, fertility, and resistance to internal parasites. These are the most economically important traits for meat goat production. We are breeding Boers for efficient meat production on the rugged pastures of northern Arkansas and southern Missouri. For more information on our breeding program see the breeding program page.

Hardy Boer Bucks For Sale

Purchasing a top quality buck is the most important investment a meat goat producer can make. Remember: Your buck is fifty percent of your kid crop. See our for sale page for more information about Boer bucks for sale.

October 3rd, 2015
A goat and sheep pasture clinic and pasture walk at Critter Ridge.
See the NAMGA goat clinics page for details

Come Visit Us and See Our Herd

We are located in north central Arkansas, twenty miles south of Missouri.

Ralph is four miles south of Yellville, Arkansas, on Highway 14.
We are two miles west of Ralph on County Road 5040.


(870) 449-6789


Hardy Boer Meat Goats on Pasture